[SydPhil] HARN Seminar: Elisa Aaltola "Varieties of empathy, joy and wonder in animal ethics" Wednesday 9th May 1-2pm New Law Annexe, Seminar Room 340

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Varieties of empathy, joy and wonder in animal ethics
Elisa Aaltola

Empathy, joy and wonder are emotions often lacking from how other animals are defined and treated. Within the cultural politics of emotion in general, they tend to be similarly marginalised, as the age of individualism often highlights more self-directed ways of approaching others. The talk explores such politics in the context of attitudes toward animals: what sorts of emotions do Western cultures teach one to feel toward pigs, pigeons, fishes and cows, and how does this impact our take on their moral standing? It also maps out the philosophy of empathy, joy and wonder via reference to thinkers such as Simone Weil and Baruch Spinoza, and suggests that these emotions offer a viable and vital foundation for a new animal ethic, capable of highlighting animal perspectives.

Elisa Aaltola, PhD, works as a Senior Researcher in Philosophy at the University of Eastern Finland. She has worked on animal ethics/philosophy for a number of years, and most recently has focused also on the moral psychology of our treatment of other animals. Her books include Varieties of Empathy: Moral Psychology and Animal Ethics (Rowman & Littlefields Int. 2018), Animal Suffering: Philosophy and Culture (Palgrave MacMillan 2012), and Animal Ethics and Philosophy: Questioning the Orthodoxy (co-edited with John Hadley, Rowman and Littlefields Int. 2014).


Wednesday 9th May



New Law Annexe, Seminar Room 340

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