[SydPhil] UNSW Philosophy Seminar | Harriet Johnson: The Reification of Nature - Reading Adorno in a Warming World | 8 May - 12.30 pm

Heikki Ikaheimo h.ikaheimo at unsw.edu.au
Wed May 2 14:31:01 AEST 2018


Philosophy Seminar

The Reification of Nature: Reading Adorno in a Warming World

Abstract: Recent scholarship in the environmental humanities celebrates hybridity. Theorists draw attention to forms of life that blur the distinction between nature and society.  In the 1940s, Theodor Adorno contended with a further problem: nature and history are already combined in troubling ways. For him, reification names how, under capitalism, naturalized histories and historicized natures spin in a carousel of fused parts. He explains that ‘all reification is a forgetting’. Failure to keep track of this movement of capitalist hybridization instigates real-world consequences. In this article, I examine how Adorno’s critique of reification issues a challenge to the terms of environmental political thought. I then draw out his proposal to discern other kinds of stories where the biophysical universe is leavened with social history.

About the speaker:  Harriet Johnson studied in Germany and Australia and holds a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Sydney, where she is a sessional lecturer in the Departments of Philosophy and Government and International Relations. Her current book project is titled 'Late Nature: Adorno and the Perplexities of Immanent Critique'.

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Date: 8 May 2018
Time: 12.30 – 2:00 pm
Location: Chancellery Building, Committee Room 3, UNSW Kensington
Campus map: view<http://fmtoolbox.unsw.edu.au/comms/KensingtonCampus.pdf>.
Registration: Not Required
Map reference: C22

e:    h.ikaheimo at unsw.edu.au<mailto:h.ikaheimo at unsw.edu.au>
t:     (02) 9385 2373

All interested welcome,
no RSVP necessary

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
UNSW Sydney,
NSW 2052

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