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The following item may be of interest:

As part of ARC Future Fellowship Project (FT 130100334), *Cinematic Ethics:
Exploring Ethical Experience through Film*, I am pleased to announce the
following event at Macquarie University:

*Cinematic Ethics Symposium*

Macquarie University, Sydney

MGSM Executive Conference Centre, 99 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park

August 27-29, 2015

Despite the flourishing of philosophy of film in recent decades, there have
been few explicit theoretical investigations of the relationship between
ethics and cinema. That film has an ethical potential—for exploring moral
issues, ethically-charged situations, or moral “thought experiments”—is
clear, however, from the way in which philosophical film theorists have
explored cinema from a variety of philosophical perspectives. Indeed, film
theory, philosophy of film could be described as undergoing an “ethical
turn”—along with other areas of the humanities—in starting to reflect upon
cinema as a distinctive way of thinking through ethical concerns. Yet
philosophers, on the whole, have given the question of ethics and film
scant theoretical attention, in a more philosophical sense, even within
aesthetics, philosophy of film, or film theory.

This symposium is thus dedicated to exploring the relationship between
cinema and ethics and investigating the possibility of a ‘cinematic
ethics’. This is a conception of cinema as providing new ways of evoking
and expressing* ethical experience*: an experiential approach to thinking
through ethics, one that proceeds via the aesthetic experience, emotional
engagement, and cognitive understanding that cinema so richly provides.
Cinema’s power of perceptual fascination, emotional engagement, and
cognitive understanding give it a remarkable capacity to evoke ethically
significant experience with the potential to provoke philosophical
thinking.  ‘Cinematic ethics’ builds on the influential idea of ‘film as
philosophy’, that is, of film-philosophy as providing new ‘paths for
thinking’ that have ethical significance, that create new ‘syntheses’ of
thought and image with the power to exercise our moral imaginations, expand
our ethical horizons, but also to provoke thought.

The invited speakers at this symposium will address these and related
issues from a variety of philosophical, theoretical, and cultural-ethical
perspectives, explored through a wide range of cinematic works. Critical
and creative interdisciplinary inquiry into the productive relationship
cinema and ethics will be the key focus of this two and a half day event.

*Guest International Speakers*:

Lucy Bolton (Queen Mary University, London), ‘Murdoch and *Margaret*:
Learning a Moral Life’

David Martin-Jones (University of Glasgow), ‘The Act of Killing Žižek:
Ethics and Transnational History in a World of Cinemas’

*Australian Speakers*:

Mathew Abbott (Federation University, Ballarat), ‘Absorption and
Spectatorship in Kiarostami's *Shirin*’

Chris Falzon (University of Newcastle), ‘Experiencing *Force Majeure’*

Fiona Jenkins (Australian National University), ‘Conditions of Cohabitation
in the Work of Cinema’

Angelos Koutsourakis (University of Queensland), ‘Art cinema in the
Anthropocene: Jessica Woodworth’s & Peter Brosens’ trilogy on the conflict
between humans and nature’

David Macarthur (University of Sydney), ‘A More Human Than Human Jesus: A
Reading of *Bladerunner*’

Philip Martin (Macquarie Unversity), ‘Ask This of Nishida: *Rikyū ni
Tazuneyo*'s Aesthetics of Resistance’

Ted Nannicelli (University of Queensland), ‘Ethical Criticism and the
Nature of Cinematic Interpretation’

Matthew Sharpe (Deakin University), ‘Guest, Host Stranger: *Loin des Hommes*
and Camus’ Algerians’

Robert Sinnerbrink (Macquarie University), ‘Mood Revisited: From Affective
Aesthetics to Cinematic Ethics’

Jane Stadler (University of Queensland), ‘Empathy in Film: Embodied
Simulation and the Moral Imagination’

Please join us for this exciting two and a half day interdisciplinary
exploration of cinematic ethics. Attendance is free and open to the public
but an email RSVP is required for catering purposes:
robert.sinnerbrink at mq.edu.au

Further announcements including a draft timetable will be circulated
shortly. For all inquiries please contact Robert Sinnerbrink on the email
address cited above.

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