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ACU Philosophy Seminar Series

Eleonore Stump (Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University)

“Faith, Wisdom and the Transmission of Knowledge through Testimony”

It is widely agreed that testimony is able to transmit knowledge and that trust is important for the knowledge-transmitting character of testimony. Somehow in consequence of trust, knowledge can be transmitted from the one testifying to the one receiving the testimony. For those who take knowledge as a product of an epistemic virtue, the testimony accepted on trust in this way is a function not only of knowledge but also of intellectual virtue. If an epistemic virtue is an excellence of intellect, however, why would the acquisition of knowledge through testimony count as the product of excellence in a person whose contribution to acquiring the knowledge consists in accepting the testimony of someone else? In this paper, I will consider ways in which a process that starts with trust and includes the will’s causal influence on the intellect can result not only in a reliable judgment but even in an intellectual virtue.

2.30 PM – 4.00 PM


Talk to be held in Melbourne, and beamed by videoconference in Sydney to:

North Sydney, MacKillop Level 16 TWH Building (8-20 Napier Street)

Strathfield, MSM VC Room (E2.45 Room)

In other states:

Melbourne, St Patrick's Lv 7 (ROOM 703),  250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne

Brisbane, McAuley AC.22

Canberra, Signadou 110  Ballarat Aquinas 503.

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