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Gursimran.  You can expand the memory space used for data by using
Tools->Options->Projects.  Expand the number of cells, then exit and
restart the program.  Your model is overspecified.  You can't have constants
for every alternative.  At least one must be omitted.  It's not clear what
the ;IAS=CarP is playing in your model, but you probably don't want it in
there.  It is used to set up a Hausman test, but you should only use it for
the MNL.  Finally, I'm not certain your specification is rich enough to
a three level model like that.  You might try starting with something very
simple and building it up a bit at a time.
/Bill Greene

On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 1:43 AM Gursimran Kaur Saini via Limdep <
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> Hello,
> I am trying to develop a mode choice model using a  nested Logit model
> using NLOGIT 6.
> I am running into the following errors:
> - I am unable to load my data file onto NLOGIT (with about 250,000
> observations), when I create another file with a part of the data, I was
> able to import it, but not the complete file.
> - Number of choices not equal to the number of alternatives”
> I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.
> Here’s the code I am using
> Nlogit
> ;Choices=CarD,CarP,Bus,Walk,Bike,MSM
> ;Tree=Trips{Private[Car(CarD,CarP),MSM],Public[Bus],NMT[Walk,Bike]}
> ;ias=Carp
> ;Show Tree
> ;start=logit
> ;Maxit=100
> ;Model:
> U(CarD) = a_CarD+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
> U(CarP) = b_CarP+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
> U(Bus) = c_Bus+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
> U(Walk) = d_Walk+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
> U(Bike) = e_Bike+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
> U(MSM) = e_MSM+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD $
> Please help me resolve.
> thank you,
> Gursimran
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