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Gursimran Kaur Saini gk3saini at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Dec 10 17:42:39 AEDT 2019


I am trying to develop a mode choice model using a  nested Logit model using NLOGIT 6.
I am running into the following errors:
- I am unable to load my data file onto NLOGIT (with about 250,000 observations), when I create another file with a part of the data, I was able to import it, but not the complete file.
- Number of choices not equal to the number of alternatives”

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.
Here’s the code I am using


;Show Tree
U(CarD) = a_CarD+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
U(CarP) = b_CarP+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
U(Bus) = c_Bus+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
U(Walk) = d_Walk+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
U(Bike) = e_Bike+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD /
U(MSM) = e_MSM+tt*TT+vo*VOwn+emp*EMPD+Inc*Income+popn*PopD $

Please help me resolve.
thank you,

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