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Steven Yen syen at utk.edu
Tue Jul 28 23:18:23 EST 2009

There is a simple way to do this in limdep. 
Suppose your year is a 2-digit number, then create a variable:

create ;myid=firmid*100+year $

Then, sort by myid. Good luck.
Steven Yen

At 08:06 PM 7/24/2009, William Greene wrote:
>Dear Gustavo. I'm afraid limdep is not excel. It 
>does indeed only accept one criterion for 
>sorting. You could do this in principle with a 
>sort by firm, then sort within firms using 
>INCLUDE in a loop. It would be extremely 
>cumbersome.  If your data really are shuffled in 
>this fashion, it might be worth the effort to 
>move them to Excel, sort them, then move them 
>back to limdep. Sincerely Bill Greene ----- 
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>Subject: [Limdep Nlogit List] Sorting I have a 
>panel of firms. I would like to sort it by FIRM 
>and then by YEAR;how can I? SORT in Limdep seems 
>to accept only one criterium. Is it possible to 
>establish criteria with different priority as 
>Excel does?Many thanks, Gustavo 
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