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William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Sat Jul 25 10:06:29 EST 2009

Dear Gustavo. I'm afraid limdep is not excel. It does indeed only accept
one criterion for sorting. You could do this in principle with a sort by
firm, then sort within firms using INCLUDE in a loop. It would be extremely
cumbersome.  If your data really are shuffled in this fashion, it might be
worth the effort to move them to Excel, sort them, then move them back to
Bill Greene

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I have a panel of firms. I would like to sort it by FIRM and then by YEAR;how can I?
SORT in Limdep seems to accept only one criterium.
Is it possible to establish criteria with different priority as Excel does?Many thanks,
______________________________Gustavo Rinaldi,Universita` di TorinoESCP Europe

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