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John Lattanzio john.lattanzio at monash.edu
Wed Feb 22 12:57:49 AEDT 2023

Greetings ASA Members
   We have a few items of news here as a result of recent ASA activity.

*1) New Student Travel Assistance Scheme*
We are broadening our travel scheme. Until now it has supported students
attending conferences, with the usual requirement that a paper be
delivered. Eachstudent was entitled to a maximum of $1500 during their
candidature. We are now adding non-conference support to the scheme.
Basically the new scheme has two components - conference travel and
non-conference travel.

   - The scheme will be renamed as the Student Travel Assistance Scheme.
   - The STAS now also covers non-conference meetings as well as
   - The total available per student is *$2500 *during their candidature.
   - No more than* $1500* can be awarded for any single trip or purpose.
   - A student is eligible for *one *award from *each *category (conference
   or non-conference).

Examples of non-conference meetings that are appropriate are:

   - Workshops (theoretical or observational)
   - Busy days meetings

Examples that are not appropriate include:

   - Observing trips (usually funded elsewhere)
   - Training sessions (for which the candidate's institution is

These details will appear on our website shortly, but I wanted to get the
information out ASAP.

*2) The next Centre of Excellence in Astronomy*
It is now time for the astronomy community to be starting to plan for the
next round of CoE applications. In an attempt to coordinate this, the ASA
and the NCA will help organise TownHall meetings to discuss proposals.
There are two documents attached - one outlines the proposed procedure and
the other is a template for a White Paper on proposals (or parts of
proposals!). Note that, of course no-one is obliged to follow this format.
We are simply suggesting this as a way forward. Please email your comments,
questions or white papers to either myself <john.lattanzio at monash.edu>or
the Virginia Kilborn, <vkilborn at swin.edu.au> Chair of the NCA.

*3) Public Document Archive*
We have started a page on our website
<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/yAWhCYW8Noc3rz1r3s0rVNC?domain=asa.astronomy.org.au> which lists
various public documents prepared by the ASA. eg our submission to the ARC
review, etc. This will contain various policy documents etc.

*4) The upcoming eclipse in April*
The ASA has prepared an eclipse website
<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/vABlCZY1NqiMJ34JMsj44v6?domain=eclipse.asa.astronomy.org.au> which has much relevant
information. A recent addition to this is the ASA Eclipse Factsheet
which you may also find useful. Indeed there are many useful resources here

Best wishes to all

John Lattanzio
ASA President


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