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John Lattanzio john.lattanzio at monash.edu
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Dear ASA Members

The following is from the Academy of Sciences. Please consider nominating
candidates for these awards.

John Lattanzio


The Australian Academy of Science invites nominations and applications for
its 2024 honorific awards <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/sWKuC71R2NTmD9Vmqf8ZDuJ?domain=science.org.au>,
research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships.

The closing date for award nominations is the *1 May 2023 *and the closing
date to apply for travel, conference and research support is the *1 June

Please consider nominating candidates and forwarding this invitation to any
relevant parties.

The Academy is committed to celebrating and supporting diversity. To do
this we need nominations from outstanding scientists from all career
stages, all backgrounds and genders. We strongly encourage more nominations
of women for all our awards, in particular our career and mid-career
honorific awards.

Nomination schemes and awards that may be of particular interest to you are
listed below:

*Early-career honorific awards*

Frederick White Medal
 (physical, terrestrial and planetary sciences)

Pawsey Medal

*Mid-career honorific awards*

Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science
 (any branch of the natural sciences)

Premier honorific awards

Ruby Payne-Scott Medal
(Any branch of the physical and biological sciences)

*Other awards and Prizes*

Selby Travelling Fellowship
fields of science)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Award

Elizabeth and Frederick White Research Conferences

Information on eligibility criteria and nomination/application procedures,
is available on the website https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/fRqiCp81lrtzYPOzDH3TPdq?domain=science.org.au.

For enquiries please email the Awards Team  <awards at science.org.au>or call
+61 2 6201 9467.

An awards information leaflet
available for download and distribution.


*I'm an LGBTIQ Ally**      -     Find out more at **https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/HSV1Cr81nytAgXnA9U07xUf?domain=monash.edu

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Monash University Victoria 3800 AUSTRALIA

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