[ASA] Synergies in the Exploration of the Extreme Universe

Clancy James clancy.james at curtin.edu.au
Fri Apr 23 14:58:25 AEST 2021

Dear all,

The Cherenkov Telescope Array consortium is inviting interested astronomers to attend a monthly seminar series on "Synergies in the Exploration of the Extreme Universe”. Please see more-detailed text below for details - or simply click here:
Webinars for Researchers - Cherenkov Telescope Array<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/-CAsCmO5glujWq5gVcGbGzq?domain=cta-observatory.org/>

Forwarded message from CTA Consortium:

Dear CTA Consortium members,

Beginning in April 2021, the CTAO and the CTAC will launch the monthly
webinar series “Synergies in the Exploration of the Extreme Universe,”
focused on the various MWL and MM synergies of CTA science with other
instruments, and aimed at researchers in astrophysics and astronomy. The
goal is to enhance CTA engagement with the broad astronomy science
community, to build bridges with external groups within the MWL and MM
fields, as well as to keep the CTA members up to date about the MWL
developments and instrumentation relevant to CTA science.

Each webinar in the series will take place on the fourth Thursday of every
month via Zoom. The time for each webinar will alternate between 17:00 UTC
and 09:00 UTC to make the live connection more accessible to scientists in
different time zones. The entire series is open and free to all
researchers with a one-time registration. Information about the next
seminar and the access details for each month’s webinar will be shared
with all subscribers via email.

The series launches on 29 April at 17:00 UTC, with Dr. David Thompson
(NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center) and his talk "AGN MWL Research
Strategies: the Fermi Large Area Telescope Experiences."

We would like to encourage you to subscribe and share the information with
other colleagues. More information and the subscription form can be found
on the CTA website:

Best regards,
Roberta on behalf of the SOC and EOC.


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