[ASA] Call for abstracts: OzGrav rapid transients and EMFollowup workshop May 24-26 2021

Fiona Panther fiona.panther at uwa.edu.au
Fri Apr 23 15:45:34 AEST 2021

Calling all rapid transients enthusiasts working on real-time GW detection and multimessenger followup of low-latency GW alerts! Workshop is open to OzGrav and non-OzGrav members alike!

Date: 24-26 May 2021
Location: Virtual event via zoom ( A zoom link will be emailed to registered attendees prior to the workshop)
Time: 0900 - 1030 AWST & 1100 - 1230 am AWST each day (note times are in AWST)

OzGrav have organised a two day online Rapid Transients and EM Follow up Workshop to assess capabilities and establish collaborations among Australian research groups involved in low latency (timescale pre-merger to hrs/a few days post-merger) detection and electromagnetic followup. The workshop will include a number of talks on  topics such as:

  *   Detection and followup of CBC and burst sources in real time, with rapid followup on timescales of hours to days post-merger
  *    Electromagnetic followup of LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA events
  *   Early warning alerts for NS-NS and NS-BH merger events
  *   Multimessenger rapid followup of radio/gamma-ray/optical triggers
  *   Real-time observations of rapid transients such as FRBs and GRBs, particularly in association to GW events
  *   Plans for O4 and beyond​

The workshop will be held as a virtual event running two 1.5 hour sessions per day. Further information including the program of science talks will be updated on this webpage and invited speakers will be announced soon.

Abstract submission is now open

  *   Please submit your abstract by 12 May 2021
  *   Students are encouraged to present
  *   All talks should be focused on multimessenger observations and rapid transients​
  *   All submitted forms will be considered by the Scientific Organising Committee
  *   If your abstract is successful you will be notified by an Organising Committee member

Please ensure you register by 21 May 2021 and we look forward to seeing you (virtually) at the workshop.

Busy days will be planned to follow-up and make plans for O4 later in 2021.

Please direct any questions to Fiona Panther, SOC chair (fiona.panther at uwa.edu.au)

Please ensure you register by 21 May 2021 and we look forward to seeing you (virtually) at the workshop.

Fiona Panther, on behalf of the SOC

Fiona Panther (UWA/SPIIR, chair)
Kendall Ackley (Monash)
Eric Howell (UWA)
Bruce Gendre (UWA)
Clancy James (Curtin)
Jielai Zhang (Swinburne)
Meg Millhouse (Melbourne)

Fiona Panther
Yeshe Fenner
Erin O'Grady

Dr Fiona H. Panther
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Physics
School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing
University of Western Australia
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