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Adam Stevens adam.stevens at uwa.edu.au
Thu Apr 22 16:32:48 AEST 2021

Dear colleagues,

Today on "Earth Day", the Astronomers for Planet Earth group --- which several of us on this mailing list are members of -- have released an open letter written to astronomy departments and organisations around the world.  This letter outlines the importance of sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions in our field, and asks for this to become a core consideration in all our work practices.

You may find the open letter here:

We ask that all who are in favour of this letter's requests please sign the letter.  And if you are willing, please share with your networks.  We have already accumulated hundreds of signatures and would greatly value the addition of yours.  Each signature will increase the letter's impact, thereby providing a mandate for a sustainable future of astronomy that we can collectively follow.

When last I checked, our community in Australia was around 700 people.  This letter is open to all, no matter how junior or senior you are.  I know that many of you (and I hope all of you) consider this to be an issue of utmost importance.  What a message it would send to world if we could have a few hundred Australian signatures before the end of the week!

Best wishes,
 - Adam


Dr. Adam Stevens
Jim Buckee Fellow
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
The University of Western Australia

Twitter: @arh_stevens<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/cJh3CZY1Nqi5Q2lkZuK2sQi?domain=twitter.com>
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