[ASA] Mid-term review of 2016–25 Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy | Stakeholder consultation

Meaghan Dzundza meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au
Thu Aug 29 09:46:00 AEST 2019

Dear colleagues
The astronomy Mid-Term Review (MTR) committee has invited specific stakeholder groups to consult with the community and submit papers on their discipline in order to inform the review.

The list of 7 white papers that have been commissioned by the MTR committee are:

  *   AAT/SSO (Chris Lidman)
  *   ESO and ELTs [inc. optical instrumentation] (Karl Glazebrook)
  *   SKA and Pathfinders [inc. radio instrumentation] (George Heald)
  *   Gravitational Waves (Eric Thrane)
  *   Data and HPC (Chris Power, Simon O’Toole, Bart Pindor)
  *   Space (Anna Moore, Michele Trenti)
  *   Multi-messenger / High-energy (Clancy James)

This list is also available at the MTR website at www.science.org.au/astronomy-midterm<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/dZUgCROAQot6k7XRU9dzmV?domain=science.org.au>, where the papers themselves will be published as they are received (with a deadline of Sept 30). A calendar of community consultation and Town Hall events is also available on this website. Please remember to email meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au<mailto:meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au> if you are organising a consultation event or Town Hall meeting.

A mini-demographics survey will also be conducted. The survey will be collected at the departmental level and will request no personal information.

In addition to the above, the MTR committee would also be pleased to receive shorter "facility papers" that relate to (but not restricted to) mid-scale facilities not likely to be covered in the above white papers. Please email me with a CC to meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au<mailto:meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au> if you wish to submit such a paper, so that the MTR committee can coordinate. The submission deadline is also Sept 30.

There is a 2-page limit for facility papers, and they will also be made public. It would be useful if they could briefly address the following:

  *   Science overview
  *   How does this the science connect with the priorities set out in the Decadal Plan?
  *   What are the current issues and key risks?
  *   What are the synergies with other Decadal Plan priorities?
  *   What is the best engagement model likely to be?
  *   What are the approximate costings - a) for the remainder of the decade; b) 2025+? Indicate the level of (un)certainty.

Other, more general, submissions to the MTR committee are welcome from individuals or groups at any time. Please keep these to a short email or 1-page maximum and send to me with a CC to meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au<mailto:meaghan.dzundza at science.org.au>. General submissions can be kept confidential to the MTR committee if requested.

Finally, the MTR committee is facilitating a series of Town Hall meetings around the country starting in October. The purpose of these forums is to seek community feedback on some of the issues arising from the above papers and to inform the MTR committee in drafting its review.
If you have any questions about the above, please contact me at Lister.Staveley-Smith at uwa.edu.au<mailto:Lister.Staveley-Smith at uwa.edu.au>

Kind regards
Professor Lister Staveley-Smith
Chair, National Committee for Astronomy

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