[ASA] Call for special sessions at this year's ASA meeting

Darren Croton dcroton at swin.edu.au
Tue Mar 20 17:56:57 AEDT 2018

Dear ASA community.

This year’s ASA Annual Scientific Meeting will be held at Swinburne University in the last week of June, for which registration is currently open<https://asa2018.swin.edu.au>. As part of this process you can apply for a talk, and we hope you are considering doing so.

The SOC recognises that many talks will naturally fall into distinct categories that we can break into sessions. This email is an open call for special session topics[*].

Specifically, we are looking for suggestions from groups/projects/institutions/etc within the community who feel they would benefit from hosting such a special session. If that describes you then please contact me.

The SOC will be naturally grouping talks regardless. But i thought it valuable to do an open call to ensure the program is simultaneously as representative and as focused as possible.

Darren (SOC Chair)

[*] This year’s ASA themes are ESO and the era of big data. Special sessions should be aligned with these in some way.

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