[ASA] FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT - FRB2018 - Finding and Understanding Fast Radio Bursts - Registration closing soon

Debra Gooley debra.gooley at sydney.edu.au
Tue Jan 16 11:58:36 AEDT 2018

On February 14-16, 2018, Swinburne University of Technology will host an international workshop entitled "FRB2018: Finding and Understanding Fast Radio Bursts<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/vii5COMxNytZ4825cENcs2?domain=caastro.org>".  The workshop will cover a broad range of FRB instrumentation and science, but with a particular focus on directions over the coming ~5 years, as the number of detected FRBs expands rapidly and their localisation becomes commonplace. The key themes of the workshop will be:

  *   Understanding FRB progenitors and their host environments. This requires:
  *   Real-time detection and localisation with interferometers.  Can we achieve these goals more effectively via:
  *   Synergies between current facilities and/or identifying opportunities for existing facility upgrades?
Leading FRB researchers from FRB collaborations world-wide have been invited to present recent results and future directions, offering an opportunity to build and extend collaborations.

Preliminary program now available online<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/1QBoCP7yOZtNMw5vi0dJ5-?domain=caastro.org>.

Registration<http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/sifa/caastro/register/index.php?action=register&workshopId=140> is closing soon on 26th January 2018.

Details are available at https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/vii5COMxNytZ4825cENcs2?domain=caastro.org<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/vii5COMxNytZ4825cENcs2?domain=caastro.org>, and the key dates and registration fees are as follows.
Key Date

  *   Registration Closes: 26 January 2018

Registration Fees

  *   General Registration: AU$200
  *   Student: AU$100
Please do not hesitate to contact Adam Deller (adeller at astro.swin.edu.au<mailto:adeller at astro.swin.edu.au>)  or Sue Lester (suelester at swin.edu.au ) if you have any questions.

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