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Tue Nov 7 09:28:48 AEDT 2017

Astronomy Australia Ltd and the AAO's International Telescopes Support 
Office would like to bring to the attention of the community two 
upcoming user meetings which may be of interest:

        Subaru Users' Meeting, NAOJ Mitaka, 17-19 January 2018

Australian astronomers have access to 10 nights on the Subaru 8.2m 
Telescope in Hawaii in 2018, while the AAO and ANU are participating in 
Technical Development Programs related to Subaru instrumentation. The 
next Subaru Users' Meeting to be held in Mitaka, Tokyo will provide the 
opportunity to present and discuss recent scientific results, as well as 
plans for future instruments (e.g. ULTIMATE-Subaru). For further 
information and to register, please see 

        La Silla Paranal Users Workshop, ESO Garching, 12-14 March 2018

ESO is organising a 2.5-day event, the La Silla Paranal Users Workshop, 
where the first part will provide an overview of the available 
instruments for their science, as well as the processes at work at ESO, 
from proposal submission to data reduction, through collection of 
astronomical observations as well as use of the Science Archive. One 
full day of this event will provide the chance for users to have 
hands-on experience on topics of their choices, including, but not 
restricted to, help with data reduction (both for your own data and 
tutorials on selected instruments), help in proposal writing, finding 
information on the ESO web, installing ESO software, help in observation 
preparation, and using the Science Archive either to access data or 
return reduced data to the archive.

For further information please see 

Stuart Ryder
International Telescopes Support Office

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