[ASA] 2nd Rencontres du Vietnam on Exoplanetary Science

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The 2nd Rencontres du Vietnam on Exoplanetary Science

February 25 - March 2, 2018, Quy Nhon (Vietnam)

Important dates:
- December 1st, 2017: deadline for abstract submissions and financial support applications
- February 1st, 2018: deadline for registrations


Exoplanetology has experienced extraordinary developments, and is now a mature and particularly dynamic research field of astrophysics. The various detection techniques such as radial velocities, transit, microlensing, direct imaging, timing or astrometry, provided thousands of planet detections. The characterization of these systems has also improved, and now reaches the details of the orbital parameters or the physics and chemistry of planetary atmospheres.
The 2nd Rencontres du Vietnam on Exoplanetary Science will offer over five days a fruitful meeting of observers involved in various ground- and space-based programs with modelers and theoreticians. The conference will raise news observations and new models to improve our comprehension and knowledges of exoplanets, their formation, their evolution. It will expand exchanges, interactions, and collaborations between scientists from different parts of the world.
The conference will consist of plenary sessions for oral presentations, including review talks and contributions on more specialized topics, as well as posters. The conference will be preceded by a two-day international school (Feb. 24-25) for students involved in those topics, with instructors and teachers chosen among the conference participants.

Confirmed invited reviews:
- Eiji Akiyama (National Astronomical Observatory, Japan): Observations of protoplanetary discs: pathway to planet formation.
- Shigeru Ida (Earth-Life Science Institute, Japan): Dependence of predicted exoplanet distributions on theoretical models.
- Anne-Marie Lagrange (IPAG, France): Results from directly imaged planets.
- Nuno Santos (Universidade do Porto, Portugal): Stellar physics for planets detection and characterization.
- Rodrigo F. Díaz (IAFE, Argentina): Statistical methods and tools for analysis of exoplanet datasets.
- Claire Moutou (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, USA): High precision radial velocities in optical and infrared.
- Andrew Howard (Caltech, USA): Statistics on planetary populations: observational properties and biases.
- Leslie Rogers (University of Chicago, USA): Internal structures from terrestrial to giant planets: observations and models.
- Amaury Triaud (U. Birmingham, UK): TRAPPIST-1 and other planetary systems around low-mass stars.
- Jeremy Leconte (LAB, France): Habitable planets: properties, environment, and detections.
- Jack Lissauer (NASA Ames Research Center, USA): Multi-planetary systems: Observations and models of dynamical interactions.
- David Ehrenreich (Geneva University, Switzerland): Observations and theories for atmospheres of transiting planets.
- René Doyon (University of Montreal, Canada): Future instruments for exoplanets detections and studies.

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