[ASA] PhD students & Postdocs: Get Lecturing Experience

Jamie Farnes jamie.farnes at sydney.edu.au
Mon Mar 24 13:46:13 AEDT 2014

Wish you had experience organising a lecture series? Wish you had
opportunity to teach your knowledge to high school students (years 11-12)?

Our first "CAASTRO in the Classroom PLUS" session with the incredible Aina
Musaeva was a significant success, with Aina talking about electromagnetism
to 150 students in schools from Katoomba to Norfolk Island, and even being
offered a job!!!

Following this, we intend to offer an expanded lecture series to schools
across NSW throughout the rest of the year. We're currently looking for
additional eager and excellent speakers, who have the organisational
finesse required to construct an accessible talk that highlights key
aspects of the curriculum.

We're particularly keen to hear from students and postdocs who may benefit
the most from this rewarding experience. Future talks will touch on topics
such as 'Moving About', 'The Cosmic Engine', 'Space', and 'Astrophysics'.

For further details, then please get in touch at citc at caastro.org

All the best,
Jamie & Shane

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