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John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
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Hi Marc, Kate, Bryan,
I removed Marc and Kate as Moderators on the ASA email list earlier this morning to try a series of test messages and fiddle with settings.  I have now added Marc back so he can decide if it is a nuisance to get emails about emails.  I will send a few more tests, including this one.  I think it is probably an unnecessary burden on the President to get the emails too.

Comments Marc?

We currently have a membership database system that tried to (semi-)automate the process of adding or changing new members to make it easier for me and the Treasurer too.  That didn't work as well as intended because it was difficult to generate the necessary emails and attachments automatically.  Also, members are really bad at following procedures, so there are always many new members who complete the web form but don't follow through with a signed copy (usually by email).

One thing that did work nicely was the automatic addition of new members to the relevant exploder lists (all members or just students).  However, mailman appears not to allow this.  I will need an extra step of manually adding new members to both mailman lists - as a group usually so it's not too bad.

I also cannot currently see a way of editing a message before sending it on.  Any suggestions Bryan?

Mailman does provide a means for members to control their own access - in particular to change their email address.  However, we don't really want them to do this independently of the main membership database.  That means the advantages of mailman as I see them are:
1. attachments are archived along with emails (not done currently)
2. having multiple (if necessary varying) off-site moderators is easy.

I'm still thinking about how to use it.  Any comments?



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