[ASA] Test 5 - Moderators

Bryan Gaensler bryan.gaensler at sydney.edu.au
Mon Apr 23 18:06:18 AEST 2012

Hi John,

> I removed Marc and Kate as Moderators on the ASA email list earlier this morning to try a series of test messages and fiddle with settings.  I have now added Marc back so he can decide if it is a nuisance to get emails about emails.  I will send a few more tests, including this one.  I think it is probably an unnecessary burden on the President to get the emails too.
> Comments Marc?

I thought one of the motivations for switching to Mailman was to allow any member to post promptly to the whole ASA exploder, subject to approval. If only 1-2 people can approve, then this limits the usefulness of this since there can be a delay before the moderator approves. I think you want at least 3 people to get the emails. And of course, separately, the President should be allowed to post to the ASA exploder without moderation!

> I also cannot currently see a way of editing a message before sending it on.  Any suggestions Bryan?

I don't think this can be done. Not sure why you'd want to though?

> Mailman does provide a means for members to control their own access - in particular to change their email address.  However, we don't really want them to do this independently of the main membership database.  That means the advantages of mailman as I see them are:
> 1. attachments are archived along with emails (not done currently)
> 2. having multiple (if necessary varying) off-site moderators is easy.

The other big advantage is that the emails come from the sender rather than from John, making it easy for people to hit reply.


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