[SydPhil] Critiques of Reason: Hegel and Contemporary Critical Theory

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Critiques of Reason: Hegel and Contemporary Critical Theory

Joint Conference between the Australian Hegel Society / hegelpd / Sociedade Hegel Brasileira June 29-30 / July 01, 2022 University of Padova and online

We are glad to announce international conference Critiques of Reason: Hegel and Contemporary Critical Theory, which will take place at the University of Padova (Piazza Capitaniato 3) and online (Zoom) on June 29-30 / July 01, 2022. The conference is jointly organised by hegelpd, the Australian Hegel Society, the Sociedade Hegel Brasileira, and it is hosted by Fisppa Department of the University of Padova. To receive the link, please contact: lucianogianna at gmail.com

Organisation: Giovanna Luciano (Freie Universität Berlin / Boston University) Ricardo Crissiuma (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) Luca Illetterati (Università di Padova) … (The times refer to Rome time zone. Porto Alegre and Sydney times are shown in brackets) June 29 (Sala Seminari) 12:00 pm (7 am / 8 pm) Luca Illetterati, Introduction 12:15 pm (7:15 am / 8:15 pm) Gunnar Hindrichs, “The Contemporaneity of Critical Theory” 1:35 pm (8:35 am / 9:35 pm) Cat Moir, “Habit, Habitus, and Social Reproduction: Hegel and Bourdieu” 2:20 pm (9:20 am / 10:20 pm) Break 3:20 pm (10:20 am / 11:20 pm) Eleonora Cugini, “Towards a Critique of Artificial Intelligence: Second Nature and Cyborgs” 4:05 pm (11:05 am / 12:05 am) Ricardo Crissiuma, “Hegel’s Philosophical Criticism: Indifference and the Need of Philosophy” 4:50 pm (11:50 am / 12:50 am) End June 30 (Aula Film) 12:00 pm (7 am / 8 pm) Daniel Badenhorst, “The Young Hegel (1788-1796): A Philosopher totus politicus” 12:45 pm (7:45 am / 8:45 pm) Giovanna Luciano, “Hegel and Freire: Humanism and Critical Education” 1:30 pm (8:30 am / 9:30 pm) Marloren Miranda, “A not so Quiet Unfolding: Some Feminist Remarks on §166 of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right and its Notion of Modernity” 2:15 pm (9:15 am / 10:15 pm) Break 3:15 pm (10:15 am / 11:15 pm) Armando Manchisi, “Critique of Relations of Resonance? Good Life and Social Critique in Hegel and Hartmut Rosa” 4:00 pm (11:00 am / 12:00 am) Gregor Schaefer, “Spirit’s Work of Critique in Hegel’s World History” 4:45 pm (11:45 am / 12:45 am) End July 01 (Aula Film) 12:00 pm (7 am / 8 pm) Pablo Pulgar Moya, “Personifying the Social: A Response to Hegel” 12:45 pm (7:45 am / 8:45 pm) Giovanni Zanotti, “The Process Between Kant and Schlegel. Dialectics in the Adorno-Benjamin Debate” 01:30 pm (08:30 am / 09:30 pm) Heikki Ikäheimo, “Humanism, Dehumanization, and Social Critique” 02:40 pm (09:40 am / 10:40 pm) End

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