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Title: Mike Ridge, “Playfulness as a Moral Virtue?"
https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/83767494989Abstract:  In this paper I  
investigate whether playfulness might be a specifically *moral*  
virtue.  This hypothesis might seem less plausible than both the  
hypothesis that playfulness is a prudential virtue and the hypothesis that  
it is an intellectual virtue (both of which I also think are true).  
However, the idea has a lot more going for it than it might at first seem,  
or so I shall argue.  I'll start by drawing on some of my previous  
work with an account of what play itself is, then build an account of  
playfulness on the back of that account of play. I then defend what I  
consider a plausible sufficient condition for a character trait's being a  
moral virtue. With all of these pieces in place I offer several  
considerations in favour of the hypothesis that playfulness as I have  
characterized it is indeed a moral virtue - or, more cautiously, that for  
most people with a basic level of moral integrity and moral competence,  
playfulness is a moral virtue. The playfulness of Loki and the Joker is  
another matter.  If time allows I will discuss what I consider the  
most powerful objections to this view and some possible directions for  
future research.
When: Wed 16 Mar 2022 15:30 – 17:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: Online
Calendar: Seminars
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