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Hi all,

We have a very special event this Friday.

Book launch

Collaborative Embodied Performance: ecologies of skill

Eds: Kath Bicknell and John Sutton

Join us this Friday to launch and celebrate the new edited collection, Collaborative Embodied Performance: ecologies of skill (Bloomsbury/ Methuen).

This book is about joint intelligence in action. It brings together scholarship in performance studies, cognitive science, sociology, literature, anthropology, psychology, architecture, philosophy and sport science to ask how tightly knit collaboration works. Contributors apply innovative methodologies to detailed case studies of martial arts, social interaction, freediving, site-specific artworks, Body Weather, human-AI music composition, Front-of-House at Shakespeare’s Globe, acrobatics and failing at handstands. In each investigation, performance and theory are mutually revealing, informative and captivating.

The book’s editors, John Sutton (Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Macquarie University) and proud TaPS alumna Kath Bicknell (Anthropology, Macquarie University) discuss the process of bringing the book to fruition and the challenges and triumphs of transdisciplinary research.

Look forward to conversations, short movies, and immersive or slightly quirky chapter introductions by contributors and commentators, including Ian Maxwell, who was instrumental in the earlier developmental phases of the book and wrote one of the  afterwords. Hear about productive, curious overlaps between cognitive science and performance studies, and insights into methodical approaches for studying a range of performance practices and processes, from Kristina Brümmer, Amy Cook, Greg Downey, Sara Kim Hjortborg, Joel Krueger, Sarah Pini, Susanne Ravn, Mike Richardson, Tom Roberts, Lyn Tribble, and more – and Q and A time for live and zoom participants.

We will be running the seminar live and on Zoom. For those wishing to attend in person, the address is:

Time: 3-5.00pm

AV Room

John Woolley Bldg, Rm S113

Sydney University

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING IN PERSON, PLEASE RSVP TO john.sutton at mq.edu.au<mailto:john.sutton at mq.edu.au>. BY 17 MARCH.

And on Zoom:


Password: 653931

For more information on the book, head to: https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/collaborative-embodied-performance-9781350197718/<https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/collaborative-embodied-performance-9781350197718/>

Or come along on Friday!

Editors’ bios below.

Kind regards,


John Sutton’s research addresses memory and skill, across the cognitive sciences and the humanities. He is the author of Philosophy and Memory Traces: Descartes to Connectionism (1998), and he has coedited three previous books – Descartes’ Natural Philosophy, Embodied Cognition in Shakespeare’s Theatre and Collaborative Remembering. He seeks to integrate conceptual, experimental and ethnographic methods, and has published on memory and skill not only in philosophy and cognitive science, but also in archaeology, film, history, linguistics, literature, music, psychology and sport science. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities, and past President of the Australasian Society for Philosophy and Psychology.

Kath Bicknell’s research investigates the relations between thinking, doing, performance and training. Her recent work has examined embodied cognitive processes in high-pressure scenarios like racing bikes down rock gardens in the jungle, training at height on the trapeze and navigating the day-to-day challenges of life while recovering from chronic pain. With research and teaching experience in Performance Studies (University of Sydney and the National Institute of Dramatic Art), Cognitive Science (Macquarie University) and Anthropology (Macquarie University) her work bridges the humanities and the sciences. Kath has worked as a freelance media professional since 2008 and is internationally recognised for her multiplatform work on cycling.


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