[SydPhil] REMINDER, CONFERENCE STARTING TOMORROW: Confronting Crisis - III Australian Hegel Society Conference, December 2-3, 2021

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Confronting Crisis

III Australian Hegel Society Conference

December 2-3, 2021

Humanity is facing multiple intertwined crises on a global scale: environmental disasters, biodiversity collapse, zoonotic pandemics, capitalist acceleration and monopolization, rising inequalities, increased control, and manipulation at the hands of states and corporations, the list goes on. A hallmark of Hegelian and post-Hegelian social thought has been to elaborate conceptual tools to grasp the features, problems, and crises of an age, as well as the paths that could lead beyond them. The conference explores the resources that Hegelian and post-Hegelian philosophy provides to think through our current predicament and to confront the many crises we are facing.


Rahel Jaeggi (Humboldt University of Berlin)

Karen Ng (Vanderbilt University)

Hosted by UNSW Sydney School of Humanities and Languages/Philosophy and Macquarie University Department of Philosophy.

Organized in cooperation with 'Critique - Network in Social, Political and Legal Thought at UNSW'.

The Conference will be held online. To register and receive the link, please email theaustralianhegelsociety at gmail.com<mailto:theaustralianhegelsociety at gmail.com>


2nd and 3rd December 2021



Program and details here[Read more] <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/HOszC91WPRTkqqk2BHONYlG?domain=5adf6982-fa7e-44bc-9d91-70571818a162.filesusr.com>

The School of Humanities and Languages, Faculty of Arts, Design, and Architecture

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