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When: Tue, 2 November 2021, 9:00 AM – 5:20 PM AEDT
Zoom: Link to be provided closer to event

Registration link:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently achieved significant progress and
demonstrated unprecedented performance in many research tasks and practical
applications. AI is transforming the world and changing the way we live.
Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) at University of Wollongong
conducts pioneering research to understand AI technologies and develop
innovative theories and techniques for AI. It transfers knowledge to
industry, community, and society to help people maximally benefit from the
deployment of AI.
In this webinar, the members and collaborators of the Centre will present
their latest research in various AI-related areas including computer
vision, machine learning, multi-agent system, intelligent manufacturing,
and smart applications. This event invites leading national and
international researchers to share their findings. Also, it invites the key
figures from academia, industry, business, and national science agency to
discuss the potential impact of AI.

Keynote Speakers
Rama Chellappa, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Departments of
Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, Johns
Hopkins University
Title: Are Machines Learning
Abstract: In this talk, I will briefly survey my group’s recent works on
building operational systems for face recognition, vehicle
re-identification, and action recognition using deep learning. While
reasonable success can be claimed, many open problems still remain to be
addressed. These include bias detection and mitigation, domain adaptation
and generalization, and handling adversarial attacks. Some of our recent
works addressing these challenges will be presented.

Mohammed Bennamoun, Winthrop Professor, School of Physics, Maths and
Computing, Computer Science and Software Engineering, The University of
Western Australia.
Title: Towards Intelligent Multi-Modal Human-Robot Interaction
Abstract: Robotics has made significant progress in cases of structured and
constrained environments, e.g. manufacturing. However, it is still in its
infancy when it comes to applications in unstructured and unconstrained
situations e.g. social environments. In some aspects such as speed,
strength and accuracy, robots have superior capacities compared to humans
but that is not the case for person/object recognition, language, manual
dexterity, and social interaction and understanding capabilities. On the
other hand, new technologies in robotics are crucial to ensure e.g., an
economically sustainable workforce in an ageing society and allow people to
live independently with dignity and greater quality of life. Such
technology will have broad commercial, economic and social impacts. This
talk will describe few 3D computer vision projects and tools used towards
the development of a platform for assistive robotics in messy living
environments. Various systems with applications and their motivations will
be described including 3D object recognition, 3D face/ear biometrics,
Grasping of unknown objects, and systems to estimate the 3D pose of a

    Dr Olivier Salvado, Lead AI for Mission, CSIRO
    Dr Lixin Fan, Chief AI Scientist, WeBank
    Prof. Stacy Carter, Director, ACHEEV, University of Wollongong
    Dr Shujia Zhang, Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder, REEJIG

Full program available in the registration page:
For any queries, please email cai-admin at uow.edu.au

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