[SydPhil] Macquarie Philosophy Seminar - A/Prof David Kaplan - Tuesday 26th October 1 pm

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Dear All,

This is a reminder of our seminar next Tuesday. Note that this will be the last seminar of the semester.

When: Tuesday 26th October 1 pm via Zoom

Please click this URL to start or join: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/48C9C4QOPEiBZWMYLSOLPbJ?domain=macquarie.zoom.us
Password: seminar

Speaker: A/Prof David Kaplan (Macquarie University)

Title: Noise as signal in neuroscience

Abstract: In a well-known series of papers, Bogen and Woodward (1988; Woodward 1989, 2000) describe the problem of detecting a phenomenon (i.e., a stable, repeatable pattern or effect) as one of detecting a signal embedded in noise. More recently, Bogen (2010) has suggested that noise can itself be treated as a signal or phenomenon to be explained. However, this produces a tension since noise is standardly defined as random or unpredictable disturbances that are not part of a signal. In this talk, I explore the tension, and Bogen’s proposed answer to it, in the context of neuroscience where cellular, synaptic, sensory, and motor noise are routinely treated as objects of prediction and explanation. I argue that in order to make sense of noise as a genuine phenomenon, intrinsic variability must be distinguished from noise. This requires accounting for the causal sources of variability as well as appreciating its effects on brain structure and function.

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