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Title: NOTE NEW TIME! Emily Hulme Kozey (UniMelb)
Craftswomen of Justice: Plato’s Republic on the Natural Capacities of Women

Plato’s argument for the inclusion of women in the guardian class in the  
Republic is a celebrated passage in the history of philosophy. All the  
same, reconstructing the details of the argument – and especially the prima  
facie tension between his contentions that (1) women have all the same  
natural capacities as men and (2) they nevertheless are “weaker” in every  
respect – has proven challenging.

The talk will focus on how recent work in Greek social history can shed new  
light on this argument. In particular, it has become clear that women  
played important economic roles as skilled practitioners in various crafts  
outside the home. I argue that Plato’s observation of women at work in this  
sphere informs his proposals. In the course of his argument, Plato assumes  
women could be specialized physicians and musicians because they already  
were playing these roles, and he extrapolates as a consequence that there’s  
no reason they could not be guardians, too. But he also fails to recognize  
that the infrequency of women’s accomplishments in various fields was not a  
consequence of differential distribution of natural abilities, but rather a  
function of the fact women were asked to take on many roles, rather that  
given the opportunity to focus on just one career—a violation of Plato’s  
own principle of specialization. As a result, his proposal is less radical  
than it could have been.

NB: Tea starts at 15:15...there will be tim tams....
When: Wed 30 Oct 2019 11:00 – 13:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: Muniment Room
Calendar: Seminars
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