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Title: Naoyuki Kajimoto
C-theory as a radical spatialization of time

In analytic philosophy of time, there are two major positions; A-theory and  
B-theory. While A-theorists and B-theorists disagree about various issues,  
both agree that there must be objective difference between time and space.  
For A-theorists what distinguishes time from space is temporal passage. For  
B-theorists it is temporal direction. In this sense both A-theorists and  
B-theorists reject “spatialization of time”. The aim of this talk is to  
propose what is called “C-theory”, which can be regarded as radical  
spatialization of time. Although my usage of ‘C-theory’ owes its genesis to  
McTaggart, it is closer to that used by Farr (2018) or Baron and Miller  
(2018) rather than McTaggart’s original usage. According to this view,  
there is no objective difference between time and space. Temporal direction  
is just a projection of our agentic perspective. This talk consists of two  
parts. In the first part I explicate what C-theory is. In the second part I  
argue that if we deny dynamic theory of time we should prefer C-theory to  
When: Thu 24 Oct 2019 15:00 – 16:30 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: Muniment Room, Main Quad
Calendar: Current Projects
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