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Title: Renee Jorgensen Bolinger (ANU)
Title: Contested Slurs and the Linguistic CommunityAbstract: Sometimes  
speakers within a linguistic community use a term that they do not  
conceptualize as a slur, but which other members of that community do.  
Sometimes these speakers are ignorant or naïve, but not always. This paper  
explores a puzzle raised when some speakers stubbornly maintain that a  
contested term t is not derogatory. Because the semantic content of a term  
depends on the language, to say that their use of t is semantically  
derogatory despite their claims and intentions, we must individuate  
languages in a way that counts them as speaking our language L, allows t a  
determinately derogatory content in L, and still accommodates the other  
features of slurs’ linguistic profile. Given the difficulty of doing this,  
there is some reason to give a non-semantic analysis of the derogatory  
aspect of slurs. Along the way, I suggest that rather than dismissing the  
stubborn as semantically incompetent, we would do better to appeal to  
expected uptake as moral reasons for the stubborn to adjust their  
linguistic practices.NB: Tea starts at 3pm
When: Wed 6 Mar 2019 15:30 – 17:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: Muniment Room, University of Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
     * Luara Ferracioli- creator

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