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Coaching Workshop for Female Tutors and Lecturers

This workshop sets out to provide support on teaching-related issues that seem to be particularly pertinent for female tutors and junior lecturers (and perhaps for all of us to different degrees). What initiated the idea for this workshop are recent findings that prove systematic disadvantages of women teachers in student evaluations, a resurgence of feedback based on physical attributes and inappropriate language, as well as a series of incidents where male students teamed up to undermine the authority of female teachers.

We will discuss these and other problems and offer guidance on how to deal with them. We will also have a range of different theoretical inputs on speech act theory and gender roles in public argumentation and debate, and a practical training element facilitated by a professional voice coach for women in leadership roles.

17th September, 1-5 pm
Muniment Room, Main Quad, A 14, Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney
Organiser: Anik Waldow

Format: 10 minute input + 20 minute discussion (with questions, texts, etc.)

1-1.30 Introduction: Anik Waldow

‘Women in Student Evaluations’

·         Collection of vignettes

·         Discussion

1.30-2.00 Moira Gatens, ‘Speaking Positions’

2.00-2.30 Caroline West, ‘Speech and Harm’

2.30-3.00 Tea Break

3.00-3.30 Ariane Schneck, ‘Empowerment and Argumentation Training’

3.30-5.00 Voice Coach: Tanja Binggeli (90 min)

Registration required: please contact anik.waldow at sydney.edu.au<mailto:anik.waldow at sydney.edu.au>

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