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You are welcome to attend the upcoming workshop in March - to register, please email: inja.stracenski at sydney.edu.au<mailto:inja.stracenski at sydney.edu.au>
Collaborating with Nature:
The Environmental Public Art of Turpin + Crawford


Exploring environmental art and its impact in the Anthropocene
What is the role of environmental art today, and what does it take to create it? How can art raise awareness of the environmental crisis, and in what ways does it inspire action? And most importantly, if environmental art is not solely representational––representing nature, for instance––then what can it be? This workshop aims to consider these questions in light of the major public art of collaborative artists, Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford.
By investigating the site-specific, restorative, and educational works of Turpin + Crawford, this workshop will explore the meaning of artistic collaboration on a number of levels––between the two artists, between artists and engineers, and between art and nature. What model does this collaboration serve for future inter-disciplinary work between the arts and the sciences? In what ways can non-representational environmental art “collaborate” with the natural world? And how can such a collaboration invite environmental awareness and action?
This workshop is co-sponsored by the FCRS grant “Concepts and Theories of Life From the Nineteenth Century to the Present” and the Sydney Environment Institute.
When: Monday 26 March 2018

Where: MECO Room, Woolley Building, Science Road, University of Sydney
When:  8:30am – 6pm
More information: http://sydney.edu.au/arts/german/research/fcrs.shtml
Organised by: Prue Gibson, Cat Moir and Dalia Nassar, Research assistant: Inja Stracenski

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