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Title: Alexander Klimenko
The direction of time and thermodynamic invariance

The physical mechanisms enacting the direction of time remain one of the  
most guarded secrets of nature. In this presentation we try to look into  
these secrets and explore the hypothesis that the perceived direction of  
time has thermodynamic origins. Over the years, this hypothesis was  
advocated by a number of prominent scientists (e.g. Boltzmann, Hawking) but  
is still not widely known.  There are two reasons behind this. First,  
overwhelming majority of people (including most physicists) tend to  
implicitly accept “the natural flow of time” based on common intuition as a  
working model.  Second, accepting one hypothesis or the other does not seem  
to have any practical implications --- nether of the assumptions is seen to  
produce a testable physical theory capable of discriminating these  
assumptions. So far, consistent investigation of the nature of time has  
been largely confined to the domain of philosophy, where numerous attempts  
to build a logical scheme around our intuitive perception of time have  
faced mounting difficulties.

It appears, however, that Boltzmann’s time hypothesis does have physical  
implications and does raise important questions. If this hypothesis is  
accepted, thermodynamics can have two possible versions with respect to  
matter/antimatter duality --- symmetric (CP-invariant) and antisymmetric  
(CPT-invariant).   These versions are mutually incompatible and only one of  
them can be real. The choice between these versions can be tested  
experimentally, although this is not a simple matter, even at the present  
level of technology. In this presentation we will discuss the direction of  
time and explore implications of these versions of thermodynamics.
When: Thu 14 Dec 2017 15:00 – 16:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
     * Kristie Miller- creator

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