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Stephen Matthews Stephen.Matthews at acu.edu.au
Mon May 22 10:27:20 AEST 2017

ACU Philosophy seminar
This week - Friday May 26, 2.30pm - 4 pm
Talia will speak from ACU's Melbourne campus (video conferenced to other campuses - see below).
Melbourne Campus (St Patrick's)<http://www.acu.edu.au/about_acu/campuses/>
Building 460 (250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002)-Level 4-Room 4.280 Vid conference room

Duck-Rabbit, Similar Faces, and the Imagistic “Seeing-As”:
A Non-Representational Alternative for the Case of Emotions

The duck-rabbit example of seeing-as experiences, the drawing that can be seen either as a duck or as a rabbit, was made famous in Wittgenstein’s writings and influenced other areas of philosophy, such as the philosophy of emotion. The almost ubiquitous interpretation of this example is as follows: to see the duck-rabbit picture as a duck or as a rabbit, one requires the concept of a duck or of a rabbit. One sees the picture in terms of the concept “duck” or “rabbit.” What we may call the conceptualist seeing-as view is that “aspect perception is concept-laden. Seeing something as an X presupposes mastery of the concept of an X.” (Severin Schroeder 2010). In this paper, I suggest there is a non-conceptualist way to understand seeing-as experiences, including the duck-rabbit, relying on imaginative capacities alone. The more obvious paradigm here is a less famous example of Wittgenstein’s, where two faces suddenly strike us as similar. In so far as we find the seeing-as model fruitful for accounts of mental states (emotions are my primary example), then those can then be understood as non-conceptual and non-representational states of mind.

Bio: Dr. Talia Morag is postdoctoral fellow at Deakin University working on a project on implicit bias.  Her main research interests are philosophical psychology, especially the philosophy of emotions, ethics, and the philosophical foundations of psychoanalysis, as well as philosophy of television. Recently her book Emotion, Imagination, and the Limits of Reason was published by Routledge (2016). She is the founding director of Psyche + Society, which considers social issues from a philosophical perspective enriched by psychoanalytic insights (www.psycheandsociety.com<http://www.psycheandsociety.com/>

Talk will be video conferenced to other campuses:
Brisbane: 200.2.03 (BRI_xAC.22 Vd)
Strathfield: 600.1.02 VC (STR_xE2.45 Vd)
North Sydney: 532.12.24 (NSY_xTWH.12.24 Vd)
Ballarat: 100.1.03 (BAL_xCB1.103 Vd)
Canberra: 302.G.03 (CAN_xS.G.1.10 Vd)

Steve Matthews (Convenor)

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