[SydPhil] Brian Hedden: Reasons, Coherence and Group Rationality

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Dear all

Our current projects speaker the Thursday (3.00 in the Muniment room) will be Brian Hedden:

Title: Reasons, Coherence, and Group Rationality

What beliefs ought a group to have? A widespread presupposition is that group-level beliefs should be a function of the beliefs of the group's members. A host of impossibility theorems show that no such aggregation function can satisfy intuitively attractive constraints while ensuring coherent group-level beliefs. I argue that this presupposition is false. Group-level beliefs should be a function of group-level evidence, not individual-level beliefs. This allows for a theory of group rationality that (i) bypasses a host of pessimistic results in the literature on judgment aggregation and (ii) treats rational individual-level attitudes and rational group-level attitudes in parallel. 

See you all there.

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