[SydPhil] Music And Social Justice

Nikolas Kompridis Nikolas.Kompridis at acu.edu.au
Tue Aug 2 17:53:16 AEST 2016

Music and Social Justice



Music has accompanied, inspired, and given voice to struggles for justice for centuries. Struggles for justice have also inspired composers and musicians.
In this workshop, we will explore the links between music social justice through thoughtful investigations of these links, and through live performance of
some very powerful music, performed by Marlene Cummins and Lisa Moore.


10am - 12pm - Paul Apostolidis, "The Lessons of Journaleros: Migrant Musicians,
                           Emancipatory Education, and the Aims of Critical Theory"
                         - Romand Coles and Lia Haro "Toward a Radical Democratic
                           Groove: Receptivity and the Arts of Musicality"

1 pm - 2:15 - Martin Bresnick, "The Political Elephant in Duke Bluebeard's

2:15 - 2:45 - Lisa Moore, performing music by Leos Janacek, Frederic Rzewski,
                       and Martin Bresnick

3:00 - 5:00 - Cynthia Willett, "The Musicology of Urban Ethics: Flow and Call-
                        Response from Ferguson, Missouri to Mexico City"
                    - Nikolas Kompridis "Just Music?"

5:15 - 6:00 - Marlene Cummins, performing music from her recent album, Koori
                       Woman Blues

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