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Hi all,

The Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values, and Ethics (CAVE) has a seminar coming up on 26 August by Prof. Shane O'Neill. All are welcome, no registration required!

"The Fabric of Global Justice: Freedom, Recognition, Decolonization"

Speaker: Shane O'Neill (Queen's University Belfast)

Date: Friday 26 August

Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Venue: W6A 127, Macquarie University

In this paper, I advance an immanent yet radical theory of global justice. This account seeks to move beyond an increasingly sterile debate between egalitarian, cosmopolitan proceduralists and their liberal nationalist critics. The alternative is based on the struggle for mutual recognition among self-determining political societies in a post-colonial world order. A method of normative reconstruction is adopted, following Axel Honneth's Hegelian investigation of the criteria of social justice immanent within three spheres of freedom in modern Western liberal democratic societies. The limits of Honneth's account of democratic ethical life in the nation-state, and of freedom in the modern world, is exposed and shown to be in need of extension and revision. In taking due account of colonial and neo-colonial injustices that cross and transcend state boundaries, international relations are presented as an additional sphere of modern freedom with its own immanent standards of justice. The fabric, or material, of global justice is constituted by asymmetrical relations between political societies confronted by a range of significant, shared, human challenges of injustice in an interdependent, globalizing world marked by differing experiences of modernity. Most societies struggle to substantiate self-determining freedom in the face of contemporary neo-colonial power and an enduring legacy of colonialism. While citizens within each society engage in practices that promise greater realisation of their social freedom, these societies are themselves mired in regional and global struggles in which they seek to realise political freedom for their peoples and equal respect in the world order.

About Shane O'Neill:

Shane O'Neill is Professor of Political Theory at Queen's University Belfast. He has published extensively on a broad range of topics in critical social theory and contemporary political philosophy. His recent books include the co-edited volumes: After the Nation? Critical Reflections on Nationalism and Post-Nationalism (2010, with Keith Breen); and Recognition Theory as Social Research: Investigating the Dynamics of Social Conflict (2012, with Nick Smith). He is currently working on a critical theory of global justice as decolonization.

All welcome, no registration required!

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