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Title: Luara Ferracioli (Amsterdam)
Title: By Soil, by Blood, or by What? Children, Citizenship and Exclusion

Abstract: Do states have a right to exclude prospective immigrants as they  
see fit? According to statists the answer is a qualified yes. For these  
authors, self-determining political communities have a prima facie right to  
exclude prospective immigrants, which can be overridden by the claims of  
vulnerable groups such as refugees and children born in the territory of  
the state. However, proponents of open borders have accused statists of  
providing a theory that cannot in fact protect children born in the  
territory from being excluded from the political community. The grounds for  
exclusion that affect newcomers by immigration, also affect newcomers by  
birth, or so the accusation goes. In this paper, I defend statism against  
this line of criticism and provide a justification for the inclusion of  
children born within the state's borders that is in line with other statist  
commitments. My account leads to some surprising implication for  
citizenship law, as well as immigration arrangements in the area of asylum  
and unauthorized immigration.
When: Wed 11 May 2016 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Muniment Room, Quadrangle Building A14, Uni. of Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
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