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ACU Philosophy Seminar Series

Michael Morgan (Indian University), "Jewish Dialogical Philosophy and the Sources of Normativity"

The primacy of the second-person and dialogue or interpersonal encounter enter Jewish philosophy and thought in the twentieth century through the work of Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig in the early years of the century and are then appropriated by others later in the century, in particular Emil Fackenheim and Emmanuel Levinas.  There are many ways of understanding and evaluating this contribution; in this seminar I want to consider the contribution of this tradition of thinking to the metaethical issue of moral normativity and its ground or source.  Can it be understood as a response to the problems of relativism and historicism?  Is Jewish dialogical thinking distinctive in any way or ways?  Can it be understood as a response to Kantian rationalism and to various forms of naturalism?  Given the centrality of covenant and commandment in Jewish thinking, can this dialogical tradition be interpreted in ways compatible with these notions?

WHEN: Friday July 17, 2.30 PM - 4.00 PM


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