[SydPhil] UOW Philosophy Seminar: Erik Myin "Behaviorism (r)E-considered"

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Thu Apr 16 12:46:59 AEST 2015

*Speaker*: Prof. Erik Myin (University of Antwerp, University of

*Title*: Behaviorism (r)E-considered

*Abstract*: The standard contemporary attitude about “behaviorism” is to
treat it as something that can be discarded without bothering about any
argument. This attitude would make sense if there would be one thing called
behaviorism, and compelling reasons to reject it. I will argue that the
situation is quite different. There are kinds of behaviorism, and it is not
so clear which arguments are genuinely conclusive against the more
complicated behaviorisms. I will work my way to the conclusion that
behaviorism could enter into a relation of mutual benefit with contemporary
forms of E-cognition.

*When:* Wednesday 22 April

*Time:* 2:30 – 5:00pm

*Where:* Research Hub 19.2072B

*Contact:* Michael Kirchhoff (kirchhof at uow.edu.au)

There will be a student seminar from 2:30 – 3.15pm, also in the Research

Hub. A coffee break from 3:15-3.30, and the Department Seminar is from


*Dr. Michael D. Kirchhoff *
Lecturer in Philosophy
School of Humanities and Social Enquiry
Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
University of Wollongong NSW 2522
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