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This year the Australasian Association of Philosophy meeting is being
hosted by Macquarie University (July 5th-9th), which also boasts a
philosophy friendly Department of Psychology and an interdisciplinary
Department of Cognitive Science.

This year we will continue to run an Advances in the Philosophy of
Cognitive Science and Psychology stream in partnership with the
Australasian Society for Cognitive Science:

In recent decades philosophers taking a rigerously naturalistic approach to
the mind (broadly treating minds as natural phenomena open to empirical
investigation) have made considerable advances in our understanding of
phenomena such as consciousness, memory, delusions and mental
representation to name just a few. This stream aims to showcase the newest
work in this area.

Registration/Conference info: http://www.aap-conferences.org.au/

Early registration closes Friday May 15th

Please direct any questions specific to the stream to me, general questions
about the conference should go to Jeanette Kennett
jeanette.kennett at mq.edu.au

all the best

Glenn Carruthers
ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders
Macquarie University

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