[SydPhil] Philosophy at UWS Presents - Sentiment: A Critical Reassessment, a collaborative Writing/Thinking workshop, Monday, 8 December 2014

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8 Dec 2014, Female Orphan School, Parramatta South Campus, University of Western Sydney

Further information: http://uws.edu.au/philosophy/sentiment

In light of the recent interest across the Humanities in emotion, affect and associated topics such as sensation, this symposium turns our attention to the related but largely overlooked category of sentiment. On the one hand we seek to remember the complex history of this term: its centrality, for instance, to 18th century moral philosophy and aesthetics, and the mechanisms by which it becomes, in the 19th century, conflated with the largely derisory concept of sentimentalism as an overabundance or banality of feeling, triviality of character, or as a descriptor for bad art. Given the demotion of sentiment to sentimentalism, this symposium invites us to reflect on the status of sentiment as a concept at this particular theoretical and cultural moment; to consider what traction it might offer us as a concept in various disciplines across the Humanities; and the ways in which it informs contemporary genres and media.

Speakers include:

Gil Anidjar (Department of Religion and MESAAS, Columbia University; ICLS)

James Chandler (Departments of English and Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago)

Sara Crangle (School of English and Co-Director of the Centre for Modernism Studies, University of Sussex)

Patricia Dailey (Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University; ICLS)

Magdalena Zolkos (Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University)

Admission is free but seats are limited.

For catering purposes, please RSVP your attendance to: philosophy at uws.edu.au<mailto:philosophy at uws.edu.au>

Symposium conveners: Alex Ling<http://www.uws.edu.au/staff_profiles/uws_profiles/doctor_alex_ling> (a.ling at uws.edu.au<mailto:a.ling at uws.edu.au>) and Lorraine Sim<http://www.uws.edu.au/staff_profiles/uws_profiles/doctor_lorraine_sim> (lorraine.sim at uws.edu.au<mailto:lorraine.sim at uws.edu.au>), School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney

Sentiment: A Critical Reassessment is a collaborative Writing/Thinking workshop presented by the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS, Columbia University), Philosophy at UWS<http://www.uws.edu.au/philosophy>
 and the Writing and Society Research Centre<http://www.uws.edu.au/writing_and_society/home> (University of Western Sydney)

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