[SydPhil] Lecture: Information and causation in living systems

Paul Griffiths paul.griffiths at sydney.edu.au
Wed Jul 30 15:03:53 AEST 2014

Information and causation in living systems

1 August 2014

Paul Griffiths
Professorial Research Fellow, Associate Director (Humanities and Social Sciences) Charles Perkins Centre, Department of Philosophy, The University of Sydney

Seminar title: Information and causation in living systems

The source of order in living systems has been the key question at the boundary of biology and philosophy since the eighteenth century. Today it is widely believed that living systems differ from non-living because they are driven by information, much of which has accumulated during evolution, and much of which is transmitted from one cell to another via genome replication. But there is at present no specifically biological measure of information that can underpin this vision. It describe our attempt to fill this gap in the scientific worldview by grounding the idea of biological information in contemporary philosophical work on the nature of causation.

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