[SydPhil] talk on movement and sensing in dance, next Tuesday April 1st, 4pm, Macquarie Uni

John Sutton john.sutton at mq.edu.au
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We have Dr Susanne Ravn from the University of Southern Denmark visiting
Macquarie Uni next week. She works on dance phenomenology and cognition,
sports science, and dance/ movement education.


Susanne will give a talk (title and abstract below), next Tuesday, April
1st, at 4pm in the main seminar room 3.610, Level 3, Dept of Cognitive
Science, Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University. All welcome.

Email me john.sutton at mq.edu.au if you need directions, or if you would like
the opportunity to talk to Susanne during her visit.

*Creating spaces: dancers' practices of movement and sensing*

*Susanne Ravn, University of Southern Denmark *

As has been emphasized from a variety of theoretical approaches,
socialrelations and the production of space are inevitable to be
understood as
co-constructed. Different kinds of movement can, accordingly, be considered
active forces in the ongoing and intertwined creation of space and social
relations. In her field opening book *Dance, Space and Subjectivity* (2001)
Valerie Briginshaw focuses on describing the conjunction between body and
space - and the interfaces thereby created. In her analysis she brings to
the fore how these interfaces are in process and how different kinds of
dance performances allow for rethinking subjectivity as well as space.
However, only relatively few writings have offered further contemporary
descriptions and explorations on how the relation between movement and
space is actively created and possibly questioned in the movement practices
of different dancers.

Based on the practices of 13 professional dancers working with very
different dance forms (classical ballet, different contemporary dance
technique and/or Butoh dance) this paper focuses on describing and
discussing how the dancers in different ways contribute to create and
produce the space in relation to which they also move. Through their
practices the dancers bring attention to that seeing refers to at least
three different ways of seeing and at least three different ways of
handling seeing when moving. The way they actively work seeing thereby
comes to exemplify how they shape their relation to space and how they
purposely modify and contribute to their way of interacting in the current
situation. They alter the sensorial production of the movement practice and
their experience of this practice. From a bodily perspective the subject's
being in the world is turned into an active exploration. By purposely
changing their sensorial way of handling interaction and movement the
dancers question what their being in the world 'could be like'.

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