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> FORUM       [image: The University of Sydney]                 PHILOSOPHY
> *Co-presented with the Department of Philosophy
> <http://sydney.edu.au/arts/philosophy/about/index.shtml>, School of
> Philosophical and Historical Inquiry *Plato notoriously condemned the
> democratic way of life as the second-to-worst form of life, and he equally
> notoriously recommends rule by philosophers as the only available cure.
> This suggests a traditional hostility between philosophy and democracy,
> with philosophers casting themselves as the would-be overlords of politics
> and culture. Suspicions of this hostility were re-activated after the
> Second World War by concerns about barbaric political movements supposedly
> inspired by philosophical outlooks, and in a diminished form, similar
> suspicions towards philosophy as of interest only to non-representative
> "elites" sometimes reemerge in discussions of government funding of the
> humanities.
> For good reasons, we have trouble accepting both Plato's cure and his
> image of philosophy. Yet his indictment of democratic life and culture is
> as pertinent as ever. How then, if it at all, might a refigured practice of
> philosophy play a central, vital role within a flourishing democratic
> culture? How does healthy democracy both depend on and inform philosophical
> education? Furthermore, how might philosophical research into apparently
> non-practical matters be of general relevance to the community? What
> benefits might tax-payers expect to flow from public support of
> philosophical research? In the light of comments made in last year's
> federal election campaign about research funding for philosophy projects, a
> panel of philosophers address different aspects of these pressing questions.
> *Participants:*
> *Professor Paul Redding* is  ARC DORA Fellow in the department of
> Philosophy at the University of Sydney. He works on the continental
> idealist tradition in philosophy and its relation to contemporary movements
> in philosophy.
> *Professor Richard Eldridge* is the Charles and Harriett Cox McDowell
> Professor of Philosophy, at Swarthmore College, USA. He specialises in
> aesthetics and theory of criticism, philosophy of language, philosophy of
> mind, philosophy and literature, German idealism and Wittgenstein.
> *Dr Dalia Nassar* (participating chair) is an ARC DECRA Fellow in the
> Department of  Philosophy at the University of Sydney. Her areas of
> research include German romantic and idealist philosophy, history of the
> idea of nature, environmental philosophy, aesthetics, and theories of
> interpretation.
> more event information<http://whatson.sydney.edu.au/events/published/sydney-ideas-philosophy-in-the-age-of-democracy-forum>
> 6 to 7.30pm
> Law School Foyer
> Level 2, Sydney Law School
> Eastern Avenue
> The University of Sydney
> Click here for venue information<http://sydney.edu.au/law/about/campus.shtml><http://sydney.edu.au/law/about/campus.shtml>
> Free event with online registration requested. Click here<http://whatson.sydney.edu.au/events/published/sydney-ideas-philosophy-in-the-age-of-democracy-forum> for
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