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more details >><https://www.google.com/calendar/event?action=VIEW&eid=ZHBkMG1ncTk0amtpMHJuMjE4Z204OWFwaG8gMm1lN2M3ZnIzb21wbDRyaHZrcG1sYTUzNjhAZw>
Richard Eldridge, Swarthmore
Hegel's Account of the Unconscious and Why it Matters

Hegel's account of the unconscious and broader philosophy of mind offer us
a well worked out form of non-dualist, non-reductionist, noneliminativist,
non-representationalist naturalism. Hegel describes the development of
discursively structured thought (and responsiveness to norms) in
ethological terms as emerging from initial somatic-sensory states, from
states and processes of bodily activity on the part of a feeling soul, and
from structured habituation in relation to other subjects. Importantly,
earlier, less organized states of sensory awareness and feeling persist as
residues 'underneath' cognitive development in 'the pit of imagination.'
Imagistic and sensory-somatic materials from this pit can burst out, among
other things, in dreams, madness, somnambulism, witty conversation, and
puns. In the face of the permanent possibility of regressions from
cognitive development, a continual activity of self-formation (Bildung)
through art and participation in second nature is essential to maturity
Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:30pm - 5:30pm Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Muniment Room, Quadrangle
Dalia Nassar - creator

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