[SydPhil] Judging Responsibility workshop

Jeanette Kennett jeanette.kennett at mq.edu.au
Fri Nov 1 14:58:32 AEDT 2013

*Judging Responsibility*

*In the courtroom, in the lab, and in the armchair*

*20th November 2013, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia**
1pm-5.30 pm Location: Building Y3A Room 212 *

Organised by Jeanette Kennett, and sponsored by the *Macquarie
Research* *Centre
for Agency, Values and Ethics* (CAVE). Please email
jeanette.kennett at mq.edu.au to reserve a place at the workshop.

*Irresistible impulses? A legal case of drug-induced compulsive sexual

Adrian Carter, NHMRC Research Fellow, University of Queensland Centre for
Clinical Research

*The sentencing of Aboriginal offenders and genetic vulnerabilities to the
crimogenic effects of social environments*
Allan McCay University of Sydney

*The Feelings of Judges (or ‘How Judges Judge Feelings’): The role of sworn
evidence and affect in assessing offender remorse *

Kate Rossmanith. Macquarie University

*Doing Away With Capacities: a non-capacitarian compatibilist approach to

Nicole A Vincent, Department of Philosophy, Georgia State University,
Atlanta, GA, USA

Abstracts may be found here:
Jeanette Kennett FAHA
Professor of Moral Psychology
Cognitive Science CORE
Department of Philosophy
Macquarie University
NSW 2109
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