[SydPhil] Philosophy Seminar at Macquarie

Jane Johnson jane.johnson at mq.edu.au
Sun Sep 15 22:00:31 AEST 2013

This Friday 20th September Nir Fresco of the University of Wollongong will
present the Macquarie University Philosophy Seminar 1-3pm in Room 127, W6A.
All are welcome.

*Information Processing and Cognitive Agents*
* <fresco.nir at gmail.com>* *Abstract.* The knowledge-how/knowledge-that
debate has been a hotly debated topic in epistemology and in cognitive
science at least since the mid 20th century. In this talk, I discuss a more
fundamental distinction between ‘information-how’ and ‘information-that’.
This distinction can, arguably, shed light on the
knowledge-how/knowledge-that debate and contribute to our understanding of
natural cognition in terms of information processing. We take it for
granted that cognition is engaged in information processing. But what types
of information are processed by cognition? The first part of this talk
focuses on ‘information-that’ arguing that assumptions, presuppositions and
conjectures play a key role in cognitive processing and are very often
instances of information-that regardless of their truth-status. The second
part of this talk focuses on ‘information-how’ examining what it takes to
qualify as information-how and what the contextual conditions are for
information-how to be effective.
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