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The next presentation in the SHAPE seminar (Philosophy Dept, USyd) will be by Diego Bubbio (UWS) whose talk is titled “Hegel, the Trinity, and the I”. A list of Diego’s works can be found at http://www.uws.edu.au/staff_profiles/uws_profiles/doctor_diego_bubbio

The main goal of this paper is to argue the relevance of Hegel’s notion of the Trinity with respect to two aspects of Hegel’s idealism: the overcoming of subjectivism and his conception of the I. I contend that these two aspects are interconnected and that the Trinity is important to Hegel’s strategy for addressing these questions.
I first address the problem of subjectivism by considering Hegel’s thought against the background of modern philosophy. I argue that the recognitive structure of Hegel’s idealism led him to give the Trinity a decisive role in his philosophical account. Next, I discuss the Trinity by analysing the three divine persons. This analysis paves the way for the conclusion, where I argue that the Trinity represents a model for re-thinking the I in a way that overcomes a “naïve realist” and a “subjective” account of the self. I suggest that Hegel’s absolute idealism can be conceived as an approach to the I that considers the role of acts of mutual recognition for the genesis of self-conscious thought, and that the Trinity is the Darstellung of the relational and recognitive structure of the I.

Time: 10.30am, Fri 13th (!)
Place: Muniment Room (S401), Main Quad, USyd - please note the room change.

Hope to see you there!

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