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Title: Deb Brown (University of Queensland)
Animal Souls


The status of animals posed special problems for those thinkers of the  
seventeenth century ambitious enough to put Scholasticism behind them. One  
problem was that the Scholastic idea that the soul was the substantial form  
and organising principle of matter in organic bodies had no place in the  
new physics, leaving it an open question how the unity and integrity of  
organic matter was to be explained. Another problem related to a residual  
commitment to the medieval idea that a thing just is its parts, which made  
it difficult to account for how anything, like an animal, grows or  
undergoes replacement of its parts. This paper looks at how two thinkers of  
the period, Hobbes and Descartes, responded to some of these challenges and  
how, therefore, Beulah the cow came to be thought of as anything at all.

When: Wed 15 May 2013 15:30 – 17:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: S401, Level 4, via Lobby B (or Southern Vestibule), Quadrangle  
Building, University Place, The University of Sydney.
Calendar: Seminars
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